Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Adventures!!!

So, I know I have completely fell behind with keeping up with my blogs ... but I had a few minutes today (while it is snowing outside and Easton is taking a nap) to update our pictures of the holidays.

Santa Visit (December 16th at Prime Time):

We actually managed to get Easton to sit on Santa's lap this year (last year there was a screaming little boy who wanted nothing to do with him!).  Which was a major accomplishment for him (not that I blame him - Santa was pretty creepy looking!).  I also think that it was a help that he got to watch Charley (Jerry and Molly's little girl) sit on Santa's lap first.

Robideau's Christmas (December 18th at Grandpa and Grandma Robideau's house in Tillamook):

Saturday before Christmas we made a (somewhat snowy) trip to Tillamook to have Christmas with my mom's side of the family.  There was lots of family and lots of food.  It was a great day and good memories (unfortunately I must of left my camera at home because I can't seem to find any pictures of it?)

Zoo Lights (December 23th at the Oregon Zoo):

Another first time experience for our family was Zoo Lights (ok ... Todd went when he was younger), it was a beautiful chilly evening that I can't wait to repeat as part of our family tradition.  However, I did learn a few things for next year: 

     1) it would probably be better to go earlier in December (the 23rd was the last day of Zoo Lights before Christmas - so it was extremely busy!)

     2) be sure to arrive early (especially if you are going to ride the train) - we got there at 3:45 (which was pretty close to perfect), walked around and looked at some of the lights, then got in line for the train at 4:30 (which was already starting to get long!), we managed to get on the second zoo train and the line just kept getting longer and longer.

     3) make sure to bundle up!  I made sure that Easton was well bundled, but didn't do so good keeping myself warm!

Anyways enough reminders and advice ... here are the photos!

Our Christmas (December 24th at Our House):

So, Christmas Eve day at our house was kinda crazy here is an overview:

* Todd got a phone call around noon that he had to work Christmas Day in Elgin (somewhere near LaGrande) so we had to change our Christmas plans.

* I got to have a great phone call with Mrs. Claus regarding having Santa stop by our house while Easton was napping so that we could celebrate Christmas with daddy before he had to leave (3 am on Christmas morning - and I wasn't getting up that early!)

* I had to hurry up and wrap all remaining Christmas presents while Easton was down for his nap (and I am a procrastinator).

* Todd had to help straighten up our house for Santa and get the lights working on the tree (needless to say we never really did finish decorating our tree this year! ... oh well, maybe next year)

But all-and-all we managed to pull Christmas together a day early so we could spend it with daddy!  Maybe next year he won't have to work!

Christmas with the Walkers (December 25th at Dad and Mom's house in Tillamook):

So Christmas morning Easton and I headed to Tillamook to spend Christmas with my family (which was not the plan - we weren't suppose to be there until the afternoon - until Todd ended up having to work).  It worked out nice since Jeremy had Lane and we got to open presents around 10am (when we got there).

We had Christmas dinner with my parents, Jeremy, and Grandpa and Grandma Robideau.  We spent the night ... heading home pretty early on Sunday to beat the stormy weather that had come in (and to see Todd for an hour before he headed out of town again).

Christmas with the Scotts (still to be determined): 

We still have one more Christmas to celebrate (with Todd's parents), but we are waiting for a time that Todd can be home to celebrate with us.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and that 2011 will bring lots of happiness!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Easton's 2010 Winter Pictures

So ... we had Easton's pictures taken at Walmart this past Monday ... I think they turned out pretty good.  I can't wait to get them back and get them in frames!!!  I thought I would share a few here.

I can't believe how fast he is growing up ... and he is definitely not a "baby" any longer.  Happy Holidays.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Easton's Halloween Costume (Finally!)

So as I promised I am posting pictures of Easton's Halloween Costume.  He was a little "ion".

Lane and Easton at Grandma & Grandpa Walkers Halloween Morning!

Lane was an Indian and Easton was a Lion.

Easton out trick-or-treating.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Umm Nmm Cookies

While Mr. Easton was down for a nap this afternoon I made some of his favorite cookies ... Umm Nmm's (or M&M cookies for those of us that aren't two!)  Anyways I'm pretty sure this is a picture of success!!!

With chocolate all over his face!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Red Robin ... YUM!

Yesterday was an exciting day for Easton and myself - we went to lunch with my friend Heidi and her daughter (Lotus).  We hadn't seen them since early June and I absolutely can't believe how big Lotus has gotten.  (It amazes me how fast it goes!)  Easton had chicken on a stick, apples, a couple of mommy's fries and mozzarella sticks - I can't believe how much my little man can eat already.  Anyways I forgot my camera at home (I need to get used to taking it with me EVERYWHERE), but I did manage to get a few photos to post of the kids with their balloons.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pumpkins, Bears, and Owls ... Oh My!!!

This morning at 9 am Easton and I met Grandma Marlene and cousin Lane in Banks to go to the pumpkin patch in North Plains (yearly tradition).  I figured I would post some pictures of our adventure here.

Easton and Lane sitting under the Lakeview Farms sign.

Easton found his perfect pumpkin (with Grandma and Lane's help!)
Resting in the patch (actually these pumpkins had already been separated and were ripe).

Easton needed help going through the haybail maze and Grandma was the helper!

Lane found this beach ball and was throwing it over the hay bails at Grandma and Easton.
While we were there we saw a glider plane being towed up and released.
And, this is the goat that I wanted to bring home ... Lane told me that "Todd wouldn't let you have it"

Lane riding the caterpillar ride (had to sit at the back because that's where it is the bumpiest).  Next year Easton should be old enough to ride it with him.
 I'm sure you are all have figured out where the Pumpkins in the title comes from and are wondering what the Pumpkin Patch has to do with Bears and Owls.  Here's your answer:  after the pumpkin patch we went to Build-A-Bear (both of the boys first time).  Easton picked out a cute little brown bear that is named Benny (pictures soon to follow) and Lane picked out an owl called Hootie!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Caught my first Lizard!

Might as well start off this blog with my find of the day:

Yep ... its some kind of little lizard!  I walked into my living room this afternoon to find this wonderful creature sitting in my window!  I'm just  glad it was just a lizard ... I'm sure it could have been worse.  So, I caught him and he has been relocated outside away from the house - I hope he finds a wonderful new home!  I am very thankful that Easton was down for his nap so I didn't have him trying to help me catch it.