Monday, October 18, 2010

Umm Nmm Cookies

While Mr. Easton was down for a nap this afternoon I made some of his favorite cookies ... Umm Nmm's (or M&M cookies for those of us that aren't two!)  Anyways I'm pretty sure this is a picture of success!!!

With chocolate all over his face!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Red Robin ... YUM!

Yesterday was an exciting day for Easton and myself - we went to lunch with my friend Heidi and her daughter (Lotus).  We hadn't seen them since early June and I absolutely can't believe how big Lotus has gotten.  (It amazes me how fast it goes!)  Easton had chicken on a stick, apples, a couple of mommy's fries and mozzarella sticks - I can't believe how much my little man can eat already.  Anyways I forgot my camera at home (I need to get used to taking it with me EVERYWHERE), but I did manage to get a few photos to post of the kids with their balloons.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pumpkins, Bears, and Owls ... Oh My!!!

This morning at 9 am Easton and I met Grandma Marlene and cousin Lane in Banks to go to the pumpkin patch in North Plains (yearly tradition).  I figured I would post some pictures of our adventure here.

Easton and Lane sitting under the Lakeview Farms sign.

Easton found his perfect pumpkin (with Grandma and Lane's help!)
Resting in the patch (actually these pumpkins had already been separated and were ripe).

Easton needed help going through the haybail maze and Grandma was the helper!

Lane found this beach ball and was throwing it over the hay bails at Grandma and Easton.
While we were there we saw a glider plane being towed up and released.
And, this is the goat that I wanted to bring home ... Lane told me that "Todd wouldn't let you have it"

Lane riding the caterpillar ride (had to sit at the back because that's where it is the bumpiest).  Next year Easton should be old enough to ride it with him.
 I'm sure you are all have figured out where the Pumpkins in the title comes from and are wondering what the Pumpkin Patch has to do with Bears and Owls.  Here's your answer:  after the pumpkin patch we went to Build-A-Bear (both of the boys first time).  Easton picked out a cute little brown bear that is named Benny (pictures soon to follow) and Lane picked out an owl called Hootie!