Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tillamook County Fair 2011 (August 10th - 13th)

So, Easton and I took a mini-vacation to Papa Norman and Grandma Marlene's for Fair.  We spend 4 wonderful days taking in fair food, horse races, carnival rides, farm animals, pig-n-fords, reptiles, concerts, a demolition derby, and checking out the numerous exhibits.  Here are some of the highlights (from my phone ... since I forgot my camera at home):

So this was Easton's first fair food ... a hamburger.  Other food that he had during the four days:  Elephant Ears (his favorite), cotton candy, pronto pup, teriyaki meat w/noodles, popcorn, beer sausage, pizza, and of course ice cream)

Papa and Easton waiting for the Lonestar Concert on Wednesday night.

In the pig pen with Lorrie (Jerrad and Libby raised pigs for market)

Lorrie trying to get Easton to pet the pig ... he finally did but was very unsure!

Riding the Merry-Go-Round with Grandma Marlene (even though she is hidden by the Zebra - which was Easton's favorite!)

Checking out the farm equipment with Nate!
 So ... there are some of the pictures from our trip ... I know we have some additional pictures on Grandma Marlene's camera ... I just have to get them!!!

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