Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I haven't posted here in FOREVER ... but hopefully with the summer here (last day of school was yesterday) and changes in the next year (with Easton transitioning to a new school) I will find time to post.

Our current new adventure is becoming a part of a CSA for the summer/fall through Blooming Junction.  I'm very excited that we picked up our first CSA basket yesterday.  It was filled with all kinds of fun things (carrots, kale, lettuce, strawberries, etc).  Easton and Todd have been into the strawberries and snap peas already.  I'm most excited to try Kohlrabi with the recipe they included.

The rest of our time is spent with Easton being in baseball.  Baseball is pretty well all consuming.  He made the Midget - American team this year and we are really enjoying watching him grow, especially as a pitcher.  The boys won a wood bat tournament last weekend down in South Salem.

Well, there is a little update for now.  Hopefully I will go back to weekly posts about what is happening in our lives.

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